• "Isle of Dogs" (Summer 2018)

  • "Fear and Loathing of Cabbage" (Winter 2018)

  • "Where You Lead I Will Follow" (Summer 2017)

  • "Hot Topic" (Winter 2017)

  • "Chip of Fools" (Winter 2017)

  • "Faded Glory" (Summer 2016)

  • "Sea Women" (Winter 2016)

  • "Playing with Food, Playing with Color" (Summer 2015)

  • "Escape Acts" (Winter 2015)

  • “A Desert Where Birch Trees Grow” (Summer 2014)

  • “Once More With Feeling” (Winter 2014)

Munchies: Food By Vice


  • “A Tomato Grows in Iceland” (Fall 2018)

  • "Snacking on Sugar in Myanmar" (Summer 2015)

  • "Where Asparagus Grows Underground" (Spring 2015) (with recipes)

  • “The Rock We Eat” (Autumn 2014)

  • “Fruit on Fire” (Summer 2014) (with recipes)

The Weekender

  • "Oh, wie schön schmeckt Kanada" (Spring 2015) (German, with recipes)

Remedy Quarterly

  • "A Cake Made with Prunes and the Genealogy of Taste" (Spring 2015) (with recipes)

Honest Cooking Magazine

Globe and Mail

C Magazine

  • "Review: Stan Douglas - Mise en Scène" 124 (December 2014)

Éditions Art Mûr

  • "Going North in the Work of Jessica Houston" (May-June 2017)

  • "The Responsibility of Stories: Karine Giboulo's Broken Circle" (March-April 2016)

  • "Drawing Space: Robbie Cornelissen's The Black Room" (May-June 2015)

  • "The Choreography of Childhood in Jonathan Hobin's Cry Babies" (February 2015)

  • "The Architecture of Knowledge in the work of Guillaume Lachapelle" (March-April 2014)

  • "Patrick Bérubé: Will the Sky Tumble?" (January 2014)


  • "Review: Yinka Shonibare - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water" (Fall 2011)

Graduate Journal of Food Studies

Food and Foodways




  • "Beaver as Offal: The Presence and Absence of Beaver in Canadian Cuisine," Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery 2016: Offal (London: Prospect Books, 2017)

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  • "Sasha's Jams," The Bread Exchange Book by Malin Elmlid (San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2014) (with recipes)

  • Contributor to Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton (New York: Blue Rider Press, 2014)