Paris by Design

Paris by Design. Image by Chaunte Vaughn

Like many, I fell in love with Paris - or even just the idea of Paris - years before I finally arrived at Gare du Nord. Since then I’ll use any excuse to go back and continue this courtship, confident my relationship with the city will always be far more serious than a teenage crush.

And so I am delighted to have contributed to Eva Jorgensen’s Paris by Design: An Inspired Guide to the City’s Creative Side. Together with her husband Kirk, Eva runs what started as a stationary company and has grown into a creative studio: Sycamore Co. It is, of course, no surprise that a paper specialist has put together an inspirited ode to one of the world’s cultural capitals.

Designer and illustrator are only two of the many hats Marin Montagut wears. His love for Paris is as endless as his own creative curiosity and I had great fun interviewing him about flea markets, treasures, and the French capital. The book comes out on April 9. Read more about it here.